The environment for business today is characterized by increasing competition and accelerating change. This new intensity is manifest in so many ways, from proliferation of new entrants to the on-going revolution in information technology. To succeed in this climate –and keep abreast of new and emerging developments – organizations must innovate and change.

This raises a dual challenge. Organizations need to be more innovative than their competitors; they must also ensure that their innovations actually happen – quickly and efficiently, with minimum disruptions in their day-to–day operations. This requires that organisations must not only apply fresh thinking to gain insights on the issues and opportunities they face, but also design and deliver feasible, pragmatic solutions based on those insights.

Business change- be it acquisition, re-organisation or globalisation – demands new people resources. However, skilled resources are scarce particularly at senior management and specialist levels. We resource positions – permanently or temporarily – for all levels and sectors: Our capabilities include:
j0115863  Executive recruitment (senior and middle level management staff)
j0115863  Executive Search Advisory Services
j0115863  Non-Executive recruiting
j0115863  Interim Management
j0115863  Project Resourcing

Global competition, corporate restructuring and the effect of technology on products and services are forcing many organisations to review their strategies. However, strategy development at times is report–based and driven more by aspiration than by genuine insight, resulting in a strategy that is both inappropriate and unachievable. We drive the development of robust strategies that are allied to a commitment to action. Our capabilities include:
j0115863 Strategy planning / implementation
j0115863 Mergers, Acquisition and Divestments
j0115863 Strategy development

We understand the changing tax laws and regulations and can assist you in evaluating alternatives that will help you make informed decisions consistent with your objectives. We offer a full range of tax services including:

  • Business tax consulting, including multi-state taxation
  • Individual tax services, including multi-state taxation
  • Tax planning 
  • Internal Revenue Service representation
  • State and local tax representation
  • Tax reduction and asset protection strategies – For Business owners
  • Cost segregation study-Increase the current depreciation expense on your building.

Tax Preparation – we prepare business returns monthly and yearly for business owners, real estate investors, clients listing in multiple states and other tax clients. We also electronically file returns for clients as mandated from your payroll data.

All individual returns are e-filed at no additional charge to ensure that your returns are received and properly filed. Refunds from e-filed return are generally deposited within two weeks of acceptance by the IRS and your state(s) tax authorities. We prepare different state tax returns each year and can prepare a return for any state you require.

Business Tax Planning - Tax planning is critical for business owners. We work with you to:

  • Identify your estimated current tax situation for the year.
  • Analyze opportunities available to reduce your taxes for the year. These include current tax law changes, retirement plan analysis, estimated income tax payments, additional deductions you may have overlooked, alternative minimum tax, tax reduction and asset protection strategies.
  • Analyze your accounting records for the period. Notify you of necessary adjustments to correct your records. A misposting in your accounting records can greatly affect your correct net income!
  • Identify the dollar amount of your tax savings and assist you in implementing any necessary changes.
  • The business tax plan and analysis flows with the individual tax planning. These are prepared simultaneously for business owners with flow-through entities (Corporation and Partnership taxation).
  • We can include the Business Analysis to provide you  mid-year consulting with your tax plan.   

Strategic Tax Plan – Our strategic tax plan analyzes your business structure today and your plans for the future. Every business should incorporate this plan with the business tax plan once every 5 years. Based upon your needs we will analyze the:

  • Entity structure and perform a comparative analysis on tax savings opportunities for various entities.
  • Buy-sell agreements-Types of agreement, funding methods, effect of insurance.
  • Estate planning issues.
  • Asset protection issue and strategies
  • Alternative minimum tax analysis.
  • Withholding Tax analysis.

FIRS and State Tax Representation – We represent business owners and individuals with the IRS and state agencies. These services include:

  • Audit representation with the IRS, state department of revenue, property tax audits and sales tax audits.
  • Resolution of payroll tax penalties and notices.
  • Offer-in-compromise for outstanding taxes. We have saved clients tens of millions of Naira each year through this program. We can evaluate your situation to determine if this is an option worth pursuing.

Should you require our services in respect of Taxation Support and Audit Services, kindly confirm in writing or call the undersigned for a meeting on 08033058847. Suffice it to mention that our offices are in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja.

People’s capability, motivation and energy determine the success or failure of every organisation and strategic initiative. Yet, getting the best out of people is an unending challenge. We help organisations manage the ‘ people challenge ‘ by developing and implementing organisational solutions, building management skills and capability, and managing change effectively. Our capabilities include:
j0115863  Structuring/defining responsibilities of personnel at all levels (this is to enhance efficiency and proficiency and promote accountability for easy administration of the organization)
j0115863  Advise corporate organizations on its structures
j0115863  Preparation of procedures and operational manuals
j0115863  Design / installation of staff appraisal system (SAS) and criteria for periodic staff compensation review
j0115863  Development of staff and administrative management policies and   procedures handbook
j0115863  Preparation of employee handbook
j0115863  Remuneration and Compensation surveys
j0115863  Job analysis and salary design / fringe benefit structure
j0115863  Manpower audit, manpower planning and development
j0115863  Human capital management clinic
j0115863  Change Management

bd10264_     OUTSOURCING
The 21st Century has witnessed tremendous growth in staff outsourcing. This has allowed organisations to concentrate on their core areas of competencies thereby avoiding both financial and material losses. This arrangement takes the heat and stress off management and organisations and places same on consultants; facilitates replacement of staff in the course of resignation or termination of appointment by either party; allows for easy concentration of management on specific category of staff, and checkmates the incidence of industrial action. Our capabilities include:
j0115863  Contract staff management
j0115863  Facilities management

The identification of individuals with high potential and developing them so that they can assume larger responsibilities as the company grows and as senior executives retire is a critical ‘strategy ‘ for the improvement and return of an enterprise human resource. Our services combine specialist expertise and implementation capability to tackle all the major industry challenges. Our capabilities include:
j0115863  Skills inventory design
j0115863  Identification and analysis of training needs
j0115863  Design of specific training and manpower development programmes based on assessment of corporate needs
j0115863  Short and long term training and manpower development plans
j0115863  Organizing customized training sessions for corporate organizations (in-house courses).

The sustenance of operational performance is highly critical if organisations must meet their stakeholders’ demands. We assist clients achieve sustainable step-change improvement in performance, with tangible bottom-line benefits. We use business process redevelopment, enterprise-wide systems and rapid culture change to deliver results and ensure that our clients meet their shareholders’ expectations. Our capabilities include:
j0115863  Rapid business improvement
j0115863  Enterprise Re-engineering
j0115863  Package –Enabled Change

j0115863  Viability (feasibility) studies
j0115863  Investment analysis
j0115863  Programme and Project management
j0115863  Strategic business planning
j0115863  Economic planning/Management support services
I.T. services are increasingly critical component of value creation .The reality for many organisations, however, is complex and fragmented I.T. infrastructures, inconsistent or incompatible (and frequently over budget and late) development projects and inwardly focused I.T departments , often poorly aligned with the business and its mission. Our broad expertise in implementing I.T initiatives include:
j0115863  Management Information Systems (MIS) review
j0115863  Systems analysis, design and implementation
j0115863  I.T. Strategy
j0115863  I .T.  Sourcing
j0115863  Computerization support services
j0115863  Software design & development
j0115863  Data processing management
j0115863  Systems evaluation
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