Leased SBLC

Do you need an affordable SBLC to back your import/export transaction, or as additional collateral for a line of credit?

We have the options to lease SBLC’s:

**New York Private Bank SBLC**

Leased SBLC issued from a private, New York international trade finance institution.

  • Low Cost, Only 4% Annual Fee
  • $1 Million minimum instrument
  • Instruments are cash-backed 1 yr and 1 day term
  • Delivered via MT760
  • Used primarily for import/export commodity transactions
  • Less expensive

**Top World Bank SBLC**

Leased SBLC issued from a top world bank in Hong Kong.

  • $10 Million minimum instrument
  • Annual fee is 15%
  • Fees are to be escrowed with a California based Escrow Attorney of your choice
  • You can escrow a minimum of 4% and pay the balance within a negotiated timeframe after receiving the instrument
  • Instruments are cash-backed, 1yr and 1 day term.
  • Delivered via MT760



Leased DLC

Documentary Letters of Credit to help facilitate your import/export trade deals

  • Leased DLC up to 180 days
  • No collateral required to apply
  • Extremely competitive issuance fee
  • 24-hour initial application review process
  • 24 – 48 hours issuance window upon receipt of fees
  • Dedicated banker as point of contact throughout the entire process













Proof of Funds

Do you need to "show" money in a bank account to close your deal?

Import/Export Deal Buying Property Strengthen your PFS Trading

We have the options for a cash account in your name:

Top World Bank Located in New York

  • $5 million min amount
  • 30 day min term
  • You will receive a bank statement and/or a bank letter along with phone verification with the banker.

New York Private Bank

  • $250,000 min amount
  • 30 day min term
  • You will receive a bank letter and phone verification with the banker.

Both accounts are cash accounts. Please note; pricing can change at any time due to capacity and demand.

"Show-Me-Funds" to show
liquidity to help close your
real estate deal or trade deal, etc.


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